• Immediate savings of 10%-25% on energy bills
  • Easy, user-friendly web tool (no software) that allows clients to view the energy efficiency of multiple sites
  • Automated, Real time data collection
  • Qualifies for Accelerated Capital Allowance
  • Return-on-Investment of less than 1 year
DCS Energy Savings is a leading provider of utility management and carbon reporting software.
  • A web-based portal includes tracking utility usage, quantified savings, carbon emissions, costs, energy events and many more
  • It is targeted to business & industrial clients in many sectors
  • Monitoring is a snap with easy to install wireless sensors a 10,000 sq metre building can be set up in a day
  • 24X7 interval reporting is so quick and easy that your finance dept can be monitoring your utility spend almost immediately so you can implement cost-saving measures
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