About Us
Based in the Republic of Ireland, DCS: Energy Savings focus is to help business users across virtually any industry to:
  • Tackle increasing utility bills – electricity, gas, oil & water
  • Reduce companies' total CO2e footprint including waste and transportation
  • Comply with Carbon Emissions Reporting requirements
Our vision is to empower users to better manage and control their energy consumption and levels of waste generated. DCS: Energy Savings developed a web portal to measure, report on and allow users to control electricity, oil, water and/or gas consumption thereby reducing costs, generating savings and carbon credits.

"Our Team strives to continuously improve its performance and enhance the value delivered to our customers and stakeholders. We believe that such dedication and commitment is the only way to building long term relationships with our clients."
Donal Sugrue
Managing Director - DCS: Energy Savings

Our team combines over 100 years industry experience - drawing on the expertise of Software Engineers Electrical Contractors, Energy Consultants, Software Engineers and Business Specialists.