Case Study - Kerry Technology Park

Shannon Development manage Innovation Works, one of two state of the art business incubation facilities for high-potential start-up businesses, in the Kerry Technology Park.

In October 2009, a DCS: Energy Savings Service was installed on the Kerry Technology Park electricity mains supply and 4 other three-phase sub-distribution boards. Oil measurement, Boiler control and temperature/humidity sensors were also installed. This Wireless Sensor Network installation was completed within hours with no down-time.

The management at Kerry Technology Park can now clearly see where and when their electricity and oil is being consumed. Working on this information the client saved money by:
  • Switching off all unnecessary office equipment outside of office hours to save 20-25% electricity, during night time.
  • Turning off outside lights.
  • Optimising heating boiler operation times and discharge temperatures relative to the outside temperature.
€8,500 including installation.

Initial 4 week monitoring period revealed significant inefficiencies in both electrical and oil usage.
  • People became more aware and energy efficient. By changing behaviour a 15% reduction has been achieved to the total building electricity consumption which gives €6,000 savings annually.
  • Optimizing oil heating reduced the oil consumption by over 20% resulting in a monthly savings of €248.
  • Time scheduler has been installed on external lights reducing the electricity bill by another €50 every month.
With €800 savings a month the initial investment will be paid back in less than 1 year. Any future energy initiatives can be tagged and their Return-on-Investment measured.

Kerry Technology Park Management is planning to measure energy in other building on the campus as well as expanding the system to include the measurement of water consumption.

"The monitoring system exceeded our expectations, by increasing energy awareness of all the people working in the facility and with no additional investment we were able to establish the optimal energy consumption level and can now benchmark against it and manage behaviour. We gained the understanding of how we use energy and we now know what initiatives are needed to further reduce our energy costs and what is their payback period." Marie Lynch - Development Manager - Kerry Technology Park