Why Choose US?
Our clients choose DCS Energy Savings for it's:

Simplicity - Intuitive Software allows for non-technical staff to manage their energy usage and report on Carbon Emissions from day 1.

Affordability - no matter what size of the installation the ROI is approximately 1-2 years.

Scalability - Wireless Network allows for phased installation and easy expansion of the Energy Monitoring System into additional sites, utilities or areas sub metered.

Support - Comprehensive Training and Support helps to make the most out of Energy Management and maximise the Savings.

Measurability – Ability to calculate payback period of any potential energy saving investment is the key for any company to be able to prioritise projects based on their return

Results – Proven track record of existing installations have shown to date typical savings of between 10-20% by effecting behavioural changes among company personnel. The DCS Web Portal allows for energy policies to be monitored thus ensuring the savings are maintained.

Key advantages
  • Typical Return -on-Investment of between 1-2 years,
  • Simple and intuitive visualization of utility consumption/ cost/ carbon emissions,
  • Remote equipment control capabilities: boilers, HVAC systems & electrical circuits,
  • Low to no disruption during installation,
  • Easy system scalability and integration.