Frequently Asked Questions
What is the DCS Web Portal?
DCS: Web Portal is a user friendly, online visualisation application. It gives a full understanding of how, when and where energy (electricity, oil, water and gas) is consumed allowing businesses to manage and control its usage.

Why use DCS Web Portal?
DCS allows users to measure energy in order to effectively manage utility usage. The Web Portal is intuitive to use and is a single carbon reporting application needed to capture and report on all CO2e emissions including waste and transport.

How is DCS service superior to other suppliers on the market?
DCS Energy Savings is part of a wider DCS Group to ensure the comprehensive service is delivered by teams of experts. By close collaboration with value adding partners DCS customers can rest assured that the solution will be implemented from cradle-to-grave delivering real results.

How much does the Web Portal cost?
DCS Web Portal is competitively priced. The cost depends on the size and complexity of installation. Typical ROI varies between 1-2 years. The product is eligible for 100% year 1 Capital Allowance scheme in Ireland (ACA).

What is unique about DCS Web Portal?
DCS is a simple to use, web based application (no installation required) with increased functionality that gives clients clear visibility of relevant and useful information. Frequent product upgrades mean clients have access to the latest technological advances.