Construction Site Package
Site utilities cost are always a concern for construction companies. It is even more so now due to the increasing cost of energy and with the growing importance of embedded carbon reporting.

DCS Web Portal gives a clear view of when a site’s utilities are being used to allow people across all levels of the company to be actively involved in energy management. DCS provides construction sites with design, installation, training and energy reducing initiatives for all utilities in use.

Cumbersome Waste and CO2 reporting on multiple spreadsheets can now be replaced with the DCS online suite of reports. Customised Key Performance Indicators and Thresholds make the transition to using this new application swift, intuitive and easy.

In addition, whether there is a fleet of trucks or staff commuting to site the DCS Web Portal can report on CO2 emissions derived from transport to generate a comprehensive Carbon Report.

Carbon reporting for all utilities across all sites

Key features
  • Reliable real-time visualisation of energy, oil and water usage on an hourly basis
  • Benchmark and target setting for easy analysis and performance review
  • Report on Waste and Transport
  • Measured savings proving effectiveness of energy saving initiatives
  • 100% online application accessible from virtually any PC with internet connection

DCS’s sister company Donseed Ltd delivers labour cost savings, enables health and safety compliance and provides biometric access control solutions to the construction sector and other short term workplaces across UK and Ireland.
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