Our Offering
DCS Energy Savings Limited (DCS: ES) delivers through a web based Portal an easily understood visualization of all Utility usage to simplify Carbon Reporting and help reduce operating costs and emissions.

This is achieved by using a bi directional wireless sensor network to collect the necessary meter and environmental sensor data and enable control of energy consumption (Electricity, Gas, Oil and or Water). Other data for non-metered carbon emission sources like waste or transport can be imported to the DCS databases.

The information is shown in graphical displays of where and when the end users energy is being consumed together with the associated costs and carbon emissions for each utility.

Such knowledge of the energy consumption together with control capability delivered through the portal, allows for energy saving to be made without any further capital investment.

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With use of the DCS Web Portal organisations are able to:
  • Measure and Report their Carbon Footprint and Utility Cost
  • Cut carbon and operating costs
  • Improve corporate image and environmental awareness
  • Reduce the risk of carbon related penalties
  • Track and quantify effectiveness of energy initiatives
  • Eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets with waste and transport cost and CO2 emissions data
  • Simply compare energy or waste performance across all their sites