Multiple Retail Solution
Managing energy across multiple sites can be a challenge. DCS Web Portal not only provides users with an understanding of when and how the energy is being used on each site but also gives managers ways to track stores’ performance against set targets or rank them in a league table.

The DCS Web Portal allows users to log energy initiatives to measure their effectiveness and calculate Return-on-Investment. Proven initiatives can then be ranked and implemented across other stores.

Utility cost management and carbon reporting by business unit or region has never been easier. DCS clients can manage permission rights for different levels of access supporting single or multiple site views.

Key Features
  • Clear energy usage reports by site, business unit or companywide.
  • Benchmark and target setting for easy analysis and performance review.
  • Performance league tables.
  • Measured savings proving effectiveness of energy saving initiatives.
  • 100% online application accessible from virtually any PC with internet connection.