Schools Package
A number of schools have already bought into the use of the DCS Web Portal realising how easy it is to save money on electricity and heating oil bills without adversely affecting the comfort of students or staff.

With DCS supplied hardware and online access to the intuitive Web Portal schools can save on the heating cost which account for nearly 50% of the entire energy spend. Easy to use energy visualisation is a perfect tool to get students involvement in the Energy Management. There are many low and no-cost energy reducing solutions which can be implemented with the knowledge of when and how it is being used. DCS Web Portal is ideal for getting that level of understanding required to manage energy effectively even by non technical users.

There is no limitation in the number of users accessing the Web Portal allowing for practical education opportunities by introducing students to energy management projects or inter-school competitions.

Key features
  • Reliable real-time visualisation of energy usage on an hourly basis
  • Benchmark and target setting for easy analysis and performance review
  • Boiler control for heating optimisation based on the outside temperature
  • Calculated savings showing effectiveness of energy saving initiatives
  • 100% online application accessible from virtually any PC with internet connection