DCS has partnered with various value-adding organisations offering complementary services to DCS Energy Savings.

Companies with expertise of a specific industry or market are welcomed partners to help deliver a turnkey solution to the customers who see the benefits of carbon and utility cost management.

DCS Resellers receive comprehensive training in the area of DCS Web Portal implementation process, Web Portal usability as well as white labelled marketing and sales materials. Resellers who have already incorporated the DCS Services have seen the following benefits:
  • Better understanding of client’s energy consumption resulting in better service and improved relationship
  • Increased sales thanks to a wider range of services delivered
  • Simple and easy to create carbon and cost reporting
  • Quantified savings of energy saving actions
If your company can meet the below requirements we would like to hear from you to demonstrate how we could create a win-win relationship with DCS Energy Savings:

1.  Capability to carry out a survey in terms of qualified personnel.

2.  Capability to carry out an installation with suitably qualified electricians. (DCS Aligned

3.  A business plan for and the strategy around the implementation and the ongoing
     relationship with your customers.

4.  Service level agreement for the support and training to be provided to customers after

5.  Scalability potential and ability to tie in with other resellers or consulting engineers.

Follow the relevant link below to learn how DCS can help your company to win more business: