Water control and leak detection companies
Water leakages can cost hundreds of euro a day if left undetected. With water bills sent every 2-3 months by the utility companies the risk of late leak detection can be very costly. DCS Energy Savings will provide you and your customers the necessary means to detect leaks as they happen savguarding against costly waste.

The amount of time water escapes through a water main leak has a significant influence on the total damage caused. With DCS Web Portal your company will detect leaks early and maximise the savings by reducing the amount of downtime and not only save money on watercharges but also on the potential sinkholes or other underground damages.

"DCS Web Portal allowed us to detect water leak early and save over hundred of Euro worth of wasted water a day"
Edward Falvey Listowel Hospital
Key Benefits
  • See water leaks as they happen
  • Up-sell opportunity for energy management and consultancy services
  • Additional maintenance contracts